Say a prayer for club members missing on Lake Erie

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Pelz and Clifton win big at Magee East!

Magee East Results


2014 LEWT Schedule

April 12 Magee East, blow day 4/13

May 3 Lakevue,  blow day 5/4

May 17 Sandusky blow day 5/18

June 7 & 8 Huron LEWT 2 day championship

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The WBSA is a social based club for anglers that fish in the Western and Central Basins of Lake Erie and its tributaries. Membership is open to anyone interested in fishing, no matter their location or skill level. Our goal is to present information in a manner that will help sustain and improve fishing in one of the greatest inland sport fisheries in the world. Scientific information, fishing techniques, locations and presentations are presented at our meetings by expert and knowledgeable speakers, and tournament anglers from our group. These anglers are very open with techniques and will help any member that is trying to learn new methods. All you have to do is ask. (Well, maybe not the day before a tournament!) We are the host of the Lake Erie Walleye Trail team walleye circuit, (LEWT) and assist other groups with their tournaments, fundraisers, and children's fishing outings.