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April 2006

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April 30, 2006 (Sunday)

I took two friends out yesterday and I didn't give them a very good trip.  We fished from about 7:45 to 2:15 and only landed one walleye that was about 23".  We mostly trolled north of Kelleys between Kelleys Island Shoal and the NW corner of Kelleys.  There were decent scattered marks.  We trolled three crankbaits and three harnesses, and the one fish came on a pink lemonade reef runner 50' back.  The waves ranged from 2 to 5' and made boat control tough.  Even with two trolling bags out we were jumping between 0.7 and 2.1 mph on my GPS.  Between the forward surging and boards riding up and falling off of waves I think that it was just too much lure action.  If I had it to do over again I probably would try fishing a little deeper, maybe even with bottom bouncers and no boards to try and reduce the impact of all of the wave action on the lures.  Reports on the radio were generally poor, but a few caught 6 to 8 fish.

Perch fishing SE of Kelleys is continuing to produce perch as big as 13".  I haven't heard of as many limit catches, but the size is great.

The latest observation at the Vermilion weather buoy has 13 knot ENE winds, 2 feet waves, 48 degree water temperature, 46 degree wind chill, and falling barometric pressure.


April 27, 2006 (Thursday)

I'm back from a short vacation to Texas and I'd like to thank Marc for doing a great job on the reports while I was gone.  It's great to have a reliable replacement when I need a break.

The wind is starting to pick up out of the NNE.  The extended forecast looks beautiful through next Thursday, but the marine forecast says there is going to be a little wind this weekend.  There aren't any winds over 20 knots predicted, but it is supposed to be around 10-20 NE most of the weekend.  Take a look at the Modis satelite images if you haven't checked lately.

The Vermilion buoy is back up and running.  The latest observation has 15 knot NNE winds, no waves (they will no doubt be building), 46 degree water temperature, 43 degree wind chill, and rising barometric pressure.

Right now I'm planning on getting out this weekend.  I'll probably be fishing around the islands trolling cranks or harnesses looking for post-spawn females.


April 25, 2006 (Tuesday)

Well the wind kicked up today and I'm sure that will have an affect on the fishing for the next few days. Colder temps and wind forecasts will probably keep most people off the lake until Friday and then the search for clean water will probably start again. There was a nice run of good weather the last couple of weeks and lots of people got in on the good to awesome walleye and perch fishing.

We are coming into that time of year that just about any presentation will work. Plenty of people will continue to have success with hair jigs and blade baits but more and more will start using their old favorites like drifting with harnesses and weight forwards and mayfly rigs. Trollers around Kelleys will see more and more boats showing up as will the folks over at Huron/Vermilion and Lorain.

The packs of boats around the reefs will be moving further off shore as the walleyes start there movement from K to L to A cans and beyond past West Sister just as the price of gas goes higher and higher with the distance needed to go. Keeping your throttle in mid range this summer could save you all a bunch of gas money.

There will be a lot of good days out there this year with the good hatches of perch and walleye in 2003 keeping the numbers of catchable fish high. It boggles my mind about all the fish fry's that must be going on in Ohio this week with last weeks catches and I'm sure that when the weather is stable there will be many more weeks just like it. Enjoy  the rest of spring and summer and sayonara from me and welcome back Travis!

WBSA is having a guest speaker on Tues, May 2nd at our monthly meeting in Sandusky, he will be discussing TAC's(Total Allowable Catch) and the proposed commercial netter buyout program. Both issues have raised the hackles of sportsmen and nature lovers all around the state. You are all welcome to attend and hear this information first hand from Bob Collins, President of LECBA. hope to see some of you there. 

Thanks for putting up with me for the last few days!


April 24, 2006 (Monday)

Lots of fish were caught this weekend and very quickly by some. The hot spots were Crane Creek and Ward's Canal in shallow water near shore. Hair jigs continue to be mentioned most but more and more are going to the traditional bottom bouncer and spinners. Other areas mentioned with good walleye catches were Turtle Creek, K Can and Davis Besse area. I didn't hear much about the nearshore Portage river bite so if someone has info on that area we'd like to hear it. I also heard some walleye were starting to show up in the Huron/Vermilion area.

For the trollers it wasn't nearly as good. Kelley Shoals, Gull Shoals, Rattlesnake and C Can to Green Island provided some success but the program had to be dialed in to make them bite. Most success was with trolled spinners behind inline weights. Colors and depths didn't show any patterns but slower than 1.5 seemed to be the key although a few were caught faster than that with spoons.

Perch are still going good at Cedar Point, SE of Kelleys and around Niagra and Cone. The bait stores in Vermilion are also reporting good catches of perch over their way.

April 23, 2006 (Sunday)

Well I got a couple reports last night contradicting the slow fishing report I made yesterday. Fishing the humps between Turtle Island and the lighthouse was very productive with Hairjigs in Purple and Pink. The nearshore (11-13 FOW) was on fire both Saturday and Sunday with (Guess what?) hairjigs again. Turtle Creek and Crane Creek was loaded with boats this morniung and lots of good and limit catches coming in. The morning bite has been more productive than later in the day.  I did talk to one angler this afternoon that got there boat limit using bottom bouncers and spinners with worms in 14' off Turtle Creek.

Worm harness' trolled are showing up more and more in the big fish chase but good numbers of big fish aren't being reported and scattered catches and multiple lures with no real pattern to the catches are the norm. If you go after the big ones be prepared to spread your lures up and down the water column and to change lures often to find a working pattern. These fish appear to really be on the move, with big schools of them disappearing in a matter of a couple hours.

I didn't make it to the Detroit MWC weigh in as planned but from my sources it was a crawler bite near Rattlesnake that took honors with about 83 pounds for the win. Several other boats also used harnesses to catch their big fish.

We had another real good perch report from SE of Kelleys again today. I'll be starting to fish the Kelleys area now and working my way toward Huron/Ruggles and Vermilion in the next few weeks. The fish are starting to make their migration and I hope they don't pull another stunt like they did last year and just keep swimming east.


April 22, 2006 (Saturday)

We got no emailed reports today other than 1 for a couple of big fish off the Cleveland breakwalls last night. That usually means slow fishing. I did talk to a couple people that were out today and they confirmed slow fishing at least til early afternoon. One that had been catching and releasing up to 50 fish a day recently only had one fish at noon and was starting to troll instead of pitching jigs. The other I talked to this evening was fishing the MWC today and never caught a fish until just before noon but then dialed in a program that netted him 8 good bites in 3 hours. He wouldn't tell me where he was or what he was using for a program but after the tourney tomorrow I'll find out what he did to turn the bite around.

I'm fairly surprised not to get better reports for today. The water didn't muddy up that much and it was a good day out. If anyone has different and better stories to tell about your success today we all would love to hear them.

There were no perch reports today but this weather shouldn't have disturbed them much.


April 21, 2006 (Friday)

There were good reports again today from the Purple Hair jig guys and for mint purple hair jigs. As many as 40-50 fish were culled through to get limits of 22-24" fish in 12 to 15 FOW in front and east of the Davis Besse cooling tower. Other reportsd mention Maumee Bay as improving with the water clarity getting better. That may not last with the heavy rain that we have going on Friday night.

The trolling reports are slow with sporadic big fish catches north of the reefs and west and east of the Bass Islands and Kelleys, pinks and purple deep divers like Reef runners, Husky Jerks and Rogues are mentioned mostly. Look for Blue/Silver and Chromes to start working better as the water clears up more. Faster speeds of 1.5 to 1.8 MPH are starting to show up in reports also. The reports may be slow because of the prefishing lockjaw that so many tournament anglers get.

This should be a great weekend with clean water pockets forming around the islands and elswhere, stained water with 2-3' visibility will be my first choice if I get out for some big fish hunting. 

The water may muddy up a little around the mouth of the rivers but it was a very warm rain and it shouldn't hurt the fishing too badly and with all the worms getting washed down the storm sewers it may trigger the worm harness action.

Perch action is still strong off Marblehead, Cedar Point and SE of Kelleys. I also heard a report from cone reef on good perch action. Smallmouth are starting to fire up as well with some catches mixed in with the Walleye drifters.

Some storms are possible so keep an eye on the horizon and an ear to the weather channel.

"A word of caution" Wildlife officers are looking for overbaggers during this time of fast and furious walleye and perch action. Double tripping has been going on and tickets are being written, I was told that 29 citations were issued in one day last week. No License violations are also being written so don't hurry so much to get to the lake that you forget to get that 2006 license.


April 20, 2006 (Thursday)

Not many Walleye reports are coming in but those that are continue to contain purple and pink hair jigs in the best action. 14' off Wards Canal was one of the better reports with fish in the 18" to 24" range. All males and it was a midday bite for a change.

One of my charter friends has been fishing off the reefs in a little deeper water and having some pretty good days with some 26" fish showing up. The trollers are still hit and miss but some big 30" plus are showing up. Harnesses are starting to work as the water warms up but the majority that I've heard have been on crank baits mostly high in the water column.

I was out trying to troll up some big fish all afternoon on Tuesday and never had a bite. I fished the A-B and B-C can areas. Good marks but I never found anything to trip their triggers. The radio had a couple fair reports north of Niagra and C Can with later in the day working better than early. Clearing water maybe? I went up on Locust Reef after hearing a good report from a WBSA member but by the time I got there the bite was over. I tried to answer but my mike must be acting up cause I got no response from anyone. Lots of boats but only saw one net go over and then that fish was released. Went home with a clean livewell.

Water clarity is a little better today and by the weekend it should be pretty good most everywhere. If you've been waiting for prime weather this weekend looks as good as it's gonna get with some higher winds forecasted for next week.

The Masters Walleye Tournament (MWC) is this weekend on the Detroit River with Lake Erie's Ohio water open as an option to the contestants. I have a hunch a bunch of them will be running down to the Firing Range and over to Kelleys to bring some big fish back to Detroit.

Going to the Trenton Michigan, Elizabeth launch would be a good way to get first hand info on where the winners caught their fish and what programs they put together to catch them. The weigh in starts at 2:30 PM both Sat & Sunday with most good info given out on Sunday afternoon. I expect it will take 40 pounds a day to do well in the tourney and I'll be there to get the scoop to pass on to you all. 

The Vermilion Weather Buoy is back on line and it is an invaluable tool to help plan you trips. Granted it is farther east than many of you fish but generally speaking the weather is usually pretty close to what shows up there.

April 19, 2006 (Wednesday)

The last two days have been sunny, but the nagging 15 mph E/NE wind doesn't want to give up.  The lone walleye report from Tuesday said that Locust Point Reef was good for males in the 5 pound range, and that Maumee Bay is muddy from the NE winds.  Another good perch report came from 1.5 nautical miles SE of Kelleys Island, the same area that was great over the weekend.  A 2-man 80 perch limit was caught with 50% being jumbos.

A walleye report from Saturday said that trolling was good between Niagara and C-Can.  The speed was 1.5 to 1.8 mph and most fish were caught in the top 7' of water in 31' feet of water.  Husky jerks and reef runners were best and the fish were from 6 to 10 pounds.

If you haven't looked recently there have been some great satellite pictures of the lake with the clear skies that we've had.

Right now there isn't any wind in the 5 day forecast over 15 knots, although there are still some E and NE directions.  The 10-day weather channel forecast is relatively mild with highs in the 50's and 60's with rain showers predicted for a few days.  So far we've made it through this spring with very fishable weather.  Let's hope that trend continues.

Marc is going to give me a break and take over for the next week.  Help him out and keep sending the reports.  All of the reports are making this an easy, enjoyable job.

The latest report from the South Bass weather station has 16 knot NE winds with 57 degree air temperature and steady barometric pressure.  The NOAA nearshore forecast says that the Toledo water temperature is 51 degrees and the Cleveland water temperature is 43 degrees.


April 17, 2006 (Monday)

Today was a nasty day with strong NE winds, but more reports from the weekend came in.  Trollers caught trophies, but not numbers of fish.  The best spots were N and NW of Kelleys, 38' of water W of Kelleys Island Shoal, and 29-30' of water around B-Can of the Camp Perry range.  Fish were caught on purple/gray thunderstick juniors, hot tamale reef runners, a harness on a 3 ounce bottom bouncer, and bubblegum reef runner.  The only specific "line out" mentioned was 40' back on the reef runners.  It also sounds like the jigging around the Toledo lighthouse has been good.

The latest report from the South Bass weather station has 12 knot NE winds (it was as high as 24 knots earlier) with 46 degree air temperature and rising barometric pressure.  The NOAA nearshore forecast says that the Toledo water temperature is 51 degrees and the Cleveland water temperature is 43 degrees.


April 16, 2006 (Sunday) Happy Easter

The theme of this weekend's reports was definitely PERCH.  There was some fantastic perch fishing SE of Kelleys/N of Cedar Point.  It sounds like 40' of water was best, but 36' of water in the Sandusky dumping grounds was also good, along with between the Marblehead lighthouse and the SE corner of Kelleys.  Fishing was fast and limits were caught (now 40 fish per day).  The fish were also big, with most being over 9 to 10 inches and the largest were up to 14 inches!  I can only assume that the standard spreaders with shiners were used to catch them.  One report mentioned that many were pre-spawn females and they were spitting up emerald shiners.

The best walleye report came from 6 to 12 feet of water off of Crane Creek.  16 to 27" fish were caught on purple hair jigs (imagine that) tipped with shiners.  A report from Toussaint and Niagara Reefs was not as successful with slow fishing for all boats in the area.

There is some storm weather coming through this evening.  After that gets through the 10-day forecast doesn't have any precipitation in it.  The wind forecast looks questionable Mon/Tues with winds out of northerly directions, but from Wed forward it looks to improve.  If the forecast is right it should get better every day as the week progresses.

The latest report from the South Bass weather station has 11 knot ENE winds with 42 degree wind chill and steady barometric pressure.  The NOAA nearshore forecast says that the Toledo water temperature is 48 degrees and the Cleveland water temperature is 43 degrees.


April 15, 2006 (Saturday)

Travis will be out of touch for a couple days and I get to pass on the reports we've been getting. The nearshore jig bite has been very good early in the day. The areas outside the Portage river, just offshore in 10'-15' near Turtle Creek and all the way to Maumee Bay have been excellent, especially in early morning. Prevailing reports are mentioning purple hair jigs but vibe's and other blades are producing, as well as regular twister tails and fuzzy grubs.

The trollers are having some luck pulling mostly post spawn fish, but I've heard of no limits with catches being 2- 8 fish per boat and some skunks. Cranks fished high are taking most of those fish but the worm harness bite should be coming on strong with the change in temps.

We had a couple questions last week that I'll pass on to you all. One was about the Vermilion weather buoy and when they start broadcasting results. I looked it up on the Buoy Data weather page and last years first report was May 3rd. The other was about all the nets near the mouth of the Portage River and whether they are legit. My thoughts are that it is just business as usual for the commercial guys and maybe some test nets from ODNR. I've seen nets in the port Clinton area at ice out for as long as I can remember. Yes they do get walleyes in them but the commercial guys are required to release them.

Wish i had some personal reports to give but home life issues are keeping me from getting out as much as I'd like to. Maybe this week!

We need more reports guys and gals, help us keep the info flowing by sending them in!

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April 14, 2006 (Friday)

Today was a tough day on the water.  Dad and I fished between Kelleys Island and Gull Island Shoal, just W of Kelleys Island, half way between Kelleys Island and South Bass, N of Clinton Reef, between Middle Bass and North Bass, and finally W of Gull Island Shoal.  We caught one 24" post spawn female on a rainbow trout reef runner 50' back in the last 30 minutes just W of Gull Island Shoal.  There were some good marks north of Kelleys, and some fish were caught, but we couldn't make them bite.  In hindsight we should have stayed on them all day, but the grass is always greener...

The weather couldn't make up its mind.  It alternated from sunny to rainy, and from calm to windy.  It wasn't a bad weather day, but it was far from stable.  The fish that we caught a few weeks ago N of Clinton Reef are gone, but I would guess that there will be more coming through at some point.  There are definitely good fish N of Kelleys, but the numbers aren't there quite yet.  We caught our one fish W of Gull, but the marks were poor.  It will get much better up there in the coming weeks.

I won't be able to make it out this weekend.  Make sure that you send reports if you make it out.

The latest report from the South Bass weather station has 16 knot SSW winds with 62 degree air temperature and steady barometric pressure.  The NOAA nearshore forecast says that the Toledo water temperature is 48 degrees and the Cleveland water temperature is 42 degrees.


April 13, 2006 (Thursday)

Two more reports came in after I posted yesterday, one that had big trolling fish and another that had fast limits jigging.  The jigging report was a 30 minute 3-man limit off of Turtle Creek on purple hair jigs tipped with large minnows.  The trolling report was from between Perry's monument and Kelleys Island.  6 to 10 pound walleye were caught on chrome/blue ripsticks from 25 to 40 feet back in the top 8' of the water column.

The latest report from the South Bass weather station has 12 knot WSW winds with 68 degree air temperature and falling barometric pressure.  The NOAA nearshore forecast says that the Toledo water temperature is 47 degrees and the Cleveland water temperature is 41 degrees.


April 12, 2006 (Wednesday)

A few more reports have come in from last weekend and earlier this week.  The walleye reports have been fair.  The best areas have been B can, Cone Reef, E of Camp Perry, from the Toledo Harbor Light to Little Cedar Point, and 1.5 miles W of the Toledo Harbor Light.  The reports from these areas have produced mostly males caught by jigging.  Hair jigs and jigs with minnows in purple, green, chartreuse and blue have all worked.  I also received a great perch report from W of the Vermilion River in 34' of water.  This is also a great time of year to catch big yellow perch, not just walleye.

For the rest of this week and the weekend there will be walleye caught in a lot of different areas both by jigging and trolling.  This is a great time of year because the reefs, bays, islands and nearshore areas all are holding both pre- and post-spawn fish.  Maumee Bay, Crane Creek to K-can, and the reefs are all great choices to catch some fish jigging.  The northern and eastern cans of the Camp Perry range, Bass Islands (including Green and Rattlesnake), and Kelleys Island could all produce giant females for trollers.  The forecast looked fantastic earlier, and still isn't bad, but it might not be as perfect as was predicted.  The highs are in the 60's with lows in the 50's through Saturday.  Light winds on Friday and Saturday have now turned into 10 to 20 NE on Friday and 10 E on Saturday.  I hate 10 to 20 forecasts.  10 is no problem, but 20 starts getting rough, especially from the NE.  I don't think that Friday and Saturday should be too bad, but you might have to adjust your drifts or trolling passes to account for the wind depending how strong it is.

Right now I'm planning on taking a day off to fish on Friday, but I won't be able to make it out this weekend.  I'll be trolling crankbaits around the islands looking for big fish, and I might start trying a few worm harnesses with inline weights.

The latest report from the South Bass weather station has 24 knot WNW winds with 56 degree air temperature and rising barometric pressure.  The NOAA nearshore forecast says that the Toledo water temperature is 46 degrees and the Cleveland water temperature is 41 degrees.


April 10, 2006 (Monday)

After a 20 knot north blow on Saturday the weather looks very encouraging.  Other than some possible storms and stronger wind on Wednesday the entire 10 day forecast looks fishable.  Highs are in the 50's and above and there are only a few good chances of storms.  The week started out beautiful today and I would take advantage of this spring weather as soon as possible.  I hope to get out later this week and catch some more big fish while they are around.

A few reports have come in.  The Maumee Bay area has been good with walleye being caught on the humps between Turtle Island and the Toledo Lighthouse and also between Little Cedar Point and the Toledo light.  Purple hair jigs have been best and chartreuse twister tails on chartreuse heads have also worked.  The only other report is that fish continue to be caught 1 to 2 miles out of the Portage River mouth.

The latest report from the South Bass weather station has 11 knot E winds with 41 degree wind chill and steady barometric pressure.  The NOAA nearshore forecast says that the Toledo water temperature is 44 degrees and the Cleveland water temperature is 40 degrees.


April 3, 2006 (Monday)

When I did my update yesterday I failed to mention a few spots from late last week.  In addition to the report below (April 2) Cone reef produced limits on gold/chartreuse cicadas (blade baits) and limits were caught jigging about 1 mile out of Wild Wings marina in 11 to 13' of water.  The fish were caught on fuzzy grubs and purple Taylor jigs.

Unfortunately some nasty wind came through today.  The sustained wind has been over 30 knots from noon until 7:00 and gusts have been over 40 knots.  The direction went from SW to WNW and the western basin is no doubt a muddy mess by now.  It's going to take a good 2 or 3 days to recover from this one and the wind still has yet to let up.  Once the mud settles you should still be able to catch pre-spawn females by trolling around and outside the Camp Perry cans and post spawn females should be all over the islands area.  In a few weeks the Kelleys Island bite should really heat up.  Males will still be on the reefs throughout the month of April.

The latest report from the South Bass weather station has 36 knot WNW winds with 30 degree wind chill and rapidly rising
barometric pressure.  The NOAA nearshore forecast says that the Toledo water temperature is 44 degrees and the Cleveland water temperature is 38 degrees.


April 2, 2006 (Sunday)

Friday I had planned to get some pre-fishing in for the Sunday LEWT tournament.  Dad and I made it out Friday afternoon right as the wind picked up.  Since the wind was out of the SW we stayed close to shore off of the Port Clinton beach after a short run from Catawba.  In one short troll in 14 to 17' of water we caught a 10.5 pound 29.25" fish on a pink lemonade ripstick 100' back and a 6 pound fish on a blue hawiian ripstick back 25'.  We went back for a second pass and our kicker wouldn't start.  With the tournament coming up we had to cut the day short to get it fixed (thanks to Huron Lagoons marina for taking care of it on short notice).

Saturday we fished all day and only had one bite.  It was a 25.5" pre-spawn female taken just east of Perry's Monument on a pink lemonade reef runner 30' back in 26' of water.  Going into the tournament we knew that there were decent schools of fish east of the camp perry range cans (D through F) and also south of the range off of F and G cans, but we weren't confident what our best option was.  We decided to try south of F can for pre-spawn females with the area off of Port Clinton as our back-up.

The tourney started out with a flat lake.  We ran south of F can and found the fish that we were hoping for.  The problem was that they wouldn't hit.  We ran ripsticks, reef runners, husky jerks and deep husky jerks in the top 15' of water from 8:15 until 12:00.  By noon we had caught one decent pre-spawn female on a size 14 glass purple perch husky jerk 80' back and had missed one fish on a pink clown deep husky back 45'.  Although there were still fish in the area we left them to find biters.  We went inside to the Port Clinton beach where we caught the big fish Friday and although the water was clear we didn't mark much or get a bite.  At 1:00 it was near panic time with the check in time being 4:00 and only having one fish in the livewell.  Our last attempt at finding active fish was Clinton Reef (west of Catawba), solely based on the fact that we had caught post-spawn fish there last year.  Sure enough there we fish holding north of the reef in the top 10 to 15' of water.  We pulled ripsticks from 40 to 60' back through the area from 1:15 to 3:15.  In those two hours we had 7 hits and boated 4 of them to finish our 5 fish tournament limit.  We ended up with 5 fish that weighed just over 32 pounds for a 5th place finish.  The ripsticks that caught fish were blue hawiian, pink lemonade and rainbow trout.  Our speed all day was between 1.2 and 1.6.  Changes in speed seemed to trigger bites, especially complete stops.  I would pull the kicker into neutral and we got hits when the boards completely stopped.  One other time speeding up after a stop triggered a hit.

The WBSA put on a great tournament and Lakevue was a great marina to launch out of.  The competition of tournament fishing is always a lot of fun.  I've learned more from talking to other fishermen after tournaments than I've learned anywhere else.  Most importantly the time spent in the boat both pre-fishing and during the tournament with dad as my partner is priceless.  Above all else he have a lot of fun together.  Congratulations to the Siberts for winning the tourney and to Buck and Dan for coming in second.  Both teams had 5 fish that weighed over 41 pounds.  Buck and Dan caught a 12 pound monster that won big fish for the tournament.

One other report that I received said that the humps in Maumee Bay are loaded with fish and jigs are catching them.  Also on Saturday there was a good jig bite just off of Turtle Creek.  One other area to try jig fishing is just out of the Portage River mouth.

The latest report from the South Bass weather station has 16 knot ENE winds with 32 degree wind chill and falling
barometric pressure.




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