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July 2007 

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Walleye Age Chart 2004-2006 (see April 26 report for details)
July 30, 2007 (Monday) Travis

Some good weekend reports have come in.

On Saturday walleye were caught-

West of Wagonwheel Reef off of Pelee Island in 33' of water.  21 fish up to 28.5".

22 miles NE of Lorain in 72+ feet of water near the 43/00 lines. 5 steelhead and 5 bonus walleye were caught trolling #1 dipsys without rings on a 1.5 setting 125' back and a 3.5 setting 250' back at 2.5 to 3.2 mph with big stinger spoons in gold colors.

5 walleye were caught from Middle Island to Kelleys Island shoal trolling #1 dipsys on a 0 setting 45 and 65' back and #0 dipsys on a 3.5 setting 85 and 100' back with copper confusion and lime/green spoons, and also gold worm harnesses at 2.5 mph.

Sunday seemed to be the best day with the following two reports:

From the line at Middle Island to 3 miles south of Middle Island, 36 fish with a few up to 27".  Jet40's 75' back and dipsys 65 and 75' back at 1.8 to 2.2 mph with pooh bear and bloody nose spoons.

6.5 miles NW of Lorain from the 34/12 lines to the 43/15 lines.  A limit came on #1 dipsys on a 0.5 setting 125' back and on a 2.5 setting 170' back at 2.5 mph with large stinger spoons in superman, raspberry dolphin and blueberry muffin all with copper backs.

Two perch reports also came in.  On Friday 112 nice perch from 9 to 10" were caught by 5 anglers off of the SE corner of Kelleys Island in 32' of water on a line from the Marblehead lighthouse to the A-frame house on the SE corner of Kelleys.  They caught a bonus 10" bluegill and plenty of drum and white perch to keep them busy.

The weather got in the way of a perch trip out of Bolles harbor in Michigan on Sunday.  The first stop was in 20' of water due east, but the perch weren't there.  A move back into 15' of water produced 15 quick perch, but then the wind kicked up.  Back in 12' of water there weren't any perch.

Right now the Vermilion weather buoy has 1 knot E wind, 1.3 feet waves, steady barometric pressure and a temperature of 74 degrees on the surface.


July 26, 2007 (Thursday) Travis

I don't have any specific reports today, but I did want to mention that many of the western basin/island area walleye charters are hitting Canada pretty hard lately and the extra travel time has been worth it.  Although they don't seem to be catching the trophies that can show up on the rocks they are catching limits or near-limits and there have been fish caught up to the 26/27 inch range.  Usually when the charters spend the extra gas to get up there it's a pretty good indicator that it's the best game in town.  I don't know what the best spot has been, but I've heard wagonwheel reef (west of the west dock on the west side of Pelee Island) and "NE or N of Pelee" a few times.  One consistent report, though, has been that they are fishing deeper than usual and the "rock piles" (king george reef, chickenolee and others) have not been producing up shallow like they can at times.

It does seem like perch fishing is picking up a little earlier than usual.  Today I heard good reports from NW of Green Island and also around Starve Island.


July 25, 2007 (Wednesday) Marc

This isn't a fishing report but a reader today let us know about 4 new Weather data collection points on Lake Erie. They are located at Geneva, Huron, Marblehead and Toledo. Information on these new weather station can be found here. In case they take the links down soon the individual links are below.

Huron      Marblehead      Toledo       Geneva

These should be very helpful, although I couldn't figure out where the Toledo gauge was located. They should be especially helpful in localizing the wind and tendencies of the barometric pressures. There are no wave measurements on these but I always figure 5 MPH equals a foot, 10MPH equals 2 feet and when you get over 15MPH it can be 3 feet or more with sustained winds and long stretches of open water. If the wind is southerly then the waves won't build until you are further off the Ohio shoreline. We'll try to get them posted on the information page soon.

I haven't been fishing in over a week and that outing was shortened by the rain and thunderclouds. I'm ready to go again. Somebody send me a report on where to go in the Huron/Vermilion area, I have a feeling it's gonna take a little more gas to get to them. The walleye reports have been slow but it has been nice to see some good perch reports for a change.

I've added a section to the WBSA message board where you guys can post messages without having to join the club or sending emails. It is the only section on the message board that will be completely guest usable however. Some areas of the board are readable by guests and you are welcome to browse them. 

The message board overall will always be for WBSA members only but we have upgraded our Forum software and it appears to be spam resistant now so we'll give it a shot in this one area. I hope you find it useful for asking fishing related questions. We get quite a few ?'s and our responses have always been just to the asker via email. By putting our responses on the message board more people may benefit from them and even add other suggestions than just mine or Travis's. Feel free to continue emailing if that is where your comfort zone is.

Make sure you read Travis' report for today just below this one.


July 25, 2007 (Wednesday) Travis

Two good perch limit reports came in today.  On Sunday a 5 man limit was caught on a line between the Marblehead stone dock and the SW corner of Kelleys Island, just east of a bigger pack of boats.  Yesterday a 4 man limit was caught NW of Green Island at N 41 40.0 W 82 53.1.

Today's only walleye report was from Sunday.  The reporter fished by himself just south of where "F" can used to be on the Canadian border in 32' of water.  He caught 4 fish on small dipsys (I assume size 0) set on 1.5 at 125' back.  The best spoon was a small confusion.  His speed was 2.5 mph.


July 24, 2007 (Tuesday) Travis

I had a chance to go out with a friend and his boys today, so I took it.  We went in his boat and trolled in the same area off of Cranberry Creek and Ruggles that I caught fish in a week ago Saturday (18 to 21').  The fish that were there a little over a week ago are gone.  We caught fish today, but it was much slower.  We trolled four rods for over 6 hours and landed 8 walleye and 3 drum.  All the walleye were 4 pounds or less.  The best lure was a chartreuse head wonderbread reef runner 35' back.  On Ruggles we caught fish in 16-19' of water and from Ruggles to Route 61 we caught fish in 18 to 21' of water.  We didn't have a kicker motor so going with the wind we were over 2.5 mph unless we took it in and out of gear.  Against the wind we were around 1.8 mph.  Barbie reef runner 20' back also took two fish.

A good limit report for walleye came from the line near East Sister with jet40's 120' back at 2.4 mph.  Circus Kevorkian and blueberry muffin were the best big spoons while watermellon and confusion small spoons were also good.  Trash fish weren't a problem, but it sounds like the floating weeds were a hassle.


July 23, 2007 (Monday) Travis

Based on the lack of reports coming in I think that it's safe to say the wind over the weekend limited fishing trips.  It blew pretty good on both Saturday and Sunday.  The good news is that it was calm today and is forecasted to be calm pretty much all week.

A good perch limit report came in from today at N 41 34.1 W 82 43.29.  That would be a good area to try if you're going chase perch in the next few days.

As far as walleye the only decent reports that came in were from fishing before the weekend.  In Ohio waters quick limits were caught at American Eagle Shoal (SW of Kelleys) on Jet30's and 40's 50 feet back with gold harnesses and on dipsys with chicken wing spoons.  Another good report came from Canadian waters on a casting charter.  The rock piles that normally produce were slow, but limits were caught in the deeper waters off of the wagon wheel, king george, and NE of Pelee to name a few spots.  The average size was great compared to the western basin right now.

From the weekend only one walleye report came in.  A regular reporter fished from Lucy's point of Middle Bass over to Middle Island.  The fishing wasn't fast, but dipsys on a 0 setting 45 and 60' back and on a 3.5 setting 85' back caught fish with copper confusion or lime and green spoons, and also red/white harnesses.

If you get out let me know.  This should be a good week with decent temperatures and little wind.


July 19, 2007 (Thursday) Travis

I think that the turbulent weather the last few days (off and on storms/rain/wind) has limited the number of anglers out on the lake.  The only recent report that has come in was a perch report from Wednesday.  A four man limit (4 hours) was caught in 24' of water N-NW of Lakeside and the size range was 7 to 9" with a fair number of throw-backs and limited junk.

It looks like Friday could be a little windy with a slow improvement through Saturday and a decent day on Sunday.  At least this front that went through has some cooler less-humid weather behind it.

Right now the Vermilion weather buoy has 13 knot N wind, 3 feet waves, rapidly rising barometric pressure and a temperature of 72 degrees on the surface.


July 16, 2007 (Monday) Travis

A few more reports came in today.  Most recently limits were caught at the 28/15 lines out of Beaver Creek on chicken wing, confusion and bloody nose spoons.  Also, limits were taken west of Pelee on a line from the west dock to hen island in 29' of water on jet40's 40 to 60' back with monkey puke, pooh bear purple and chicken wing spoons.

Last week limits were caught off of American Eagle Shoal and near "B" can of the range towards the South Bass Monument. The "B" can fish were caught on downriggers 20' down and also jet20's 85' back.  Best lures were gold monkey puke and confusion spoons and gold hot-n-tots.

I was out on the lake today for work and it would have been a beautiful day to be fishing.  It was comfortable with a mix of clouds with some sun and light winds.  There weren't too many boats in the western basin, but the biggest pack (although not that big) was west and SW of Green Island.

Right now the Vermilion weather buoy has 5 knot E wind, no waves, steady barometric pressure and a temperature of 74 degrees on the surface.


July 15, 2007 (Sunday) Travis

I was able to get out yesterday for a rare fun trip unrelated to pre-fishing for a tournament.  Went out of Huron with a few friends and fished from about 7:30 in the morning until 2:00 pm.  We consistently caught walleye pretty much the whole time from route 61 to Ruggles Reef mostly in 20-21' of water.  The best area was due north of Cranberry Creek in 21'.  We caught them as shallow as 16' right on Ruggles and as far west as Old Woman's Creek in 23-25'.  Every walleye that we caught came on Reef Runners from 30 to 45' back on both braided line and monofilament.  The best colors were bare naked, white purple hot tiger, chartreuse head wonderbread, eriedescent and emerald shiner.  We ended up with limits plus some catch and release in the last hour.  Most were 2003's, but the biggest 5 went just over 21 pounds and the biggest fish was 5.5 pounds.  Our speed was 1.6 to 1.9 mph gps.  We caught a few drum, but that was it for trash.  The surface temp was around 74 degrees.  It was fun catching so many fish nearshore on crankbaits this time of year.

Other reports from the weekend and earlier in the week have come from:

Limits 18 miles NE of Lorain in 62 to 65' on dipsys (1 and 2 setting 140' back and 3 setting 185' back) with spoons (killer bee, confusion, and superman).

SW of Kelleys near the red can (Wednesday) limits casting worm harnesses.

A little slower, but still good N-NW of Lorain in 49' on dipsys with spoons (monkey puke) and cranks with 2 ounce snap weights.

The best perch report came from 3.8 miles off of Ward's canal in 21' of water with 7 guys getting 210 perch in 5.5 hours from 7 to 11.5".  Other decent perch reports came from 32.5' of water between Marblehead and Kelleys and also 27-28' between Lakeside and Kelleys.

Right now the Vermilion weather buoy has 9 knot S wind, no waves, steady barometric pressure and a temperature of 74 degrees on the surface.


July 12, 2007 (Thursday) Travis

Just based on the trend of the reports lately it seems like more of you are starting to fish for perch.  The only report that came in today was a perch report from Tuesday.  A 3-hour 7-11" limit of perch was caught in 21-22' of water 3.8 miles off of Ward's Canal (just west of Metzger's Marsh).  As usual the fish were caught on spreaders with shiners right near the bottom.


July 11, 2007 (Wednesday) Travis

The heat has finally let up, but some post-front wind came with the cooler temperatures today.  I think in the long run it's a good thing that it cooled down.  It might help keep the fish around a little longer.  In the short term we might have a few slow days as everthing stabilizes again.

The only walleye report that has come in the last few days was a slow one from off of Beaver Creek.  Only 3 keepers were caught trolling spoons from the 28/15-23 lines.

A perch report from Saturday produced limits of small fish about half way from Lakeside to Kelleys Island.  The limit took about 3.5 hours after a fast start in the first hour.

One other perch report came in from Monday.  They didn't catch limits, but there was so much good information I thought that I would put the entire e-mail in the report.  Here's what the report said:

"4 of us fished from 0830 until 1315, about 17 manhours of fishing time, at 3 different spots in the South Passage. Total of 75 keepers.
1st spot, about 1.5 miles North of Mazurik in 23 FOW at 41d, 33.9m, 82d 45.6m.  2h 15 m, 30 keepers ( 8 to 9 1/2"), lots of small perch, many SH and WB/WP.
2nd spot, about 0.6 miles East of 1st spot in 26 FOW at 41d 34.0m, 82d 45.0m,  0hr 45m, 10 keepers( 8 - 9 1/2"), still many small perch, fewer SH and WB/WP. Fished in pack of about 15 boats.
3rd spot, about 1.8 miles East of 2nd spot in 29 FOW at 41d 34.1m, 82d 42.9m,  1 hr 30m, 35 keepers (8-10 1/2"), few SH and WB/WP
We probably lost 3-4 manhours of fishing time due to tangled lines, caused by a combination of the wave/current direction difference."

Thanks to the reporter for all of the information.

Right now the Vermilion weather buoy has 7 knot N wind, 1.6 feet waves, rising barometric pressure and a temperature of 74 degrees on the surface.


July 9, 2007 (Monday) Travis

A few more walleye reports came in from the weekend.  I heard from a few sources that the Cedar Point school of walleye disappeared by the weekend.  They were there a few weeks and then left.

"Slow limits" were caught north of the Niagara reef green can about 1 to 2 miles on dipsys and jets near the bottom with cat-dog, chicken wing and monkey puke spoons at 2.5 mph.

North of Kelleys Island Shoal limits were caught on dipsys on a 3 setting 85' back with purple spoons.

Between Lucy's Point (Middle Bass Island) and Middle Island walleye were caught on reef runners (200' back), deep tail dancers (180' back), and Frenzys (160' back), along with harnesses on size 1 dipsys on a 0 setting 45 and 55' back, spoons on a size 0 dipsy on a 0 setting 80' back and spoons on size 1 dipsys on a 3 setting 70' back.

Perch fishing at Lakeside, Marblehead, SE of Kelleys and the Kelleys Island airport produced nothing, but a final stop at Ballast Island produced 24 good size perch.

Right now the Vermilion weather buoy has 9 knot SE wind, no waves, steady barometric pressure and a temperature of 77 degrees on the surface.


July 8, 2007 (Sunday) Travis

Thanks again for your patience as I was away over the holiday and then fished the Geneva Migration open tournament.  More about that later, here are the reports that have come in:

The only two reports from west of the islands came from the MI/OH border and Rattlesnake Island.  Fishing was a little slow both places with 4 fish at the border on black and silver thunderstick juniors behind dipsys and 6 fish from north of rattlesnake, although storms shortened the rattlesnake trip.

A good report with quick limits came from 1.5 miles west of Gull Island Shoal.  Jet40's 90' back and dipsys on a 3 setting 40' back with anything purple (I assume spoons) caught fish.  The speed was 2.2 mph.

From early last week another good Cedar Point report came in from 40' of water.

Farther east limit reports came from off of Beaver Creek at the 32/17 lines on spoons and 4.2 miles NE of Lorain in 50 to 52' of water.  Stingers in blueberry muffin and superman caught walleye from 17 to 21" and plenty of white bass.  After catching the limits NE of Lorain they tried for steelhead at the 40/06-07 lines in 58-62 feet of water.  They landed 3 steelhead and had to release 15 bonus walleye from 19 to 22" since they already had their limit from earlier.

I had the privelege of fishing out of Geneva for the WBSA migration open.  I fished last Sat./Sun. and then this Friday before yesterday's tourney.  Last weekend was unbelievable.  Unfortunately migrating open water fish move too much.  In a day and a half last weekend dad and I caught 4 walleye over 28" and a fifth at 26.5 along with too many 2 to 5 pound fish to count.  The biggest walleye was a whopping 11 pounds and 3 ounces and almost 32".  Also mixed in were some bonus steelhead with the biggest being over 10 pounds at 32 and 1/8".  We caught nearly everything on 5, 6, and 7 colors of leadcore with various stickbaits (size 14 husky jerks, shallow renosky's) and also ripshad 400's (bare naked).  Our best area was 66 to 69 feet of water NW of Ashtabula on Saturday and 69 to 72' of water on Sunday.  Friday was a different story.  Our big fish moved and we never did find them.  We still caught lots of fish from 2 to 4 pounds, but only two over 5 pounds.  Everthing came on leadcore again with 5 and 6 colors being the best.  This time ripsticks were hot and bare naked was the best color.  We caught fish again from 66 to 72 feet NW of Ashtabula, but our few better fish came from about 69' of water west of the north end of the Conneaut dumping ground.  In the tourney yesterday our fish got even smaller as we weighed in 17.28 pounds with 4 fish right around 3 pounds and one just over 5.  The five pounder came NW of Ashtabula in 69' along with plenty of small fish, and we caught fish again down near the Conneaut dumping grounds.  We never did find any bigger fish in the last two days.  The tourney was won west of Geneva off of the Perry cooling towers on Reef Runners.  Other top five finishers fished harnesses about 18 miles NE of Geneva in 72' of water.

It's hard to believe how many fish are down there.  You can pretty much fish anywhere from Geneva to Conneaut in 66 to 72' of water and catch 2003's.  When you do find the big fish it's a blast catching them at a time of year that you wouldn't find many big fish in the western basin.

Right now the Vermilion weather buoy has 17 knot S-SW wind, 0.7 feet waves, falling barometric pressure and a temperature of 74 degrees on the surface.


July 2, 2007 (Monday) Travis

As usual good reports from the weekend are starting to come in.  If you were going to give up on the islands area for walleye it's still too early.  The "packs" of boats seem to be moving to Cedar Point and east, and the catching has been great there, but the boats fishing around the islands now have the fish to themselves.

Two of the best island areas have been south of Gull Island shoal in the deeper water south of the red can, and also from the NW corner of Kelleys toward the South Bass monument in 38' of water.  Jet30's on 20 pound mono 130' back with harnesses caught fish NW of Kelleys at 2 to 2.5 mph.  South of Gull Island Shoal reef runners (bare naked) caught some quality fish up to 27" and harnesses behind 2 ounce inlines also worked well.

East of Cedar Point in 36' of water off of the Point Retreat condos was good over the weekend.  Jet40's 70' back with purple spoons produced fast limits.  The bigger pack was more towards Cedar Point.

Over off of Beaver Creek at the 32/11 lines limits were caught on spoons with some bonus steelhead hook-ups.

There are still some fish W-NW of Rattlesnake, even though it sounds like it has started to slow down.  Size 0 dipsys 65' back with red and white harnesses caught some fish along with chartreuse and orange Hot-N-Tots 35' behind downriggers run 19' down at 2.5 mph.

Perch were caught south of Kelleys Island east of the ferry route.  Most were 8 to 8.5 inches.

Over this week I would expect the best areas to be the Canadian border between the old "F" and "G" cans west of North Bass Island, NW and W of Kelleys Island, and pretty much from Cedar Point all the way over to Vermilion.  You might have to fish deeper than a few weeks ago and possibly run farther offshore, but the 2003 year class will reward you for your efforts.

This Saturday is the Geneva migration open.  The timing seems to be about perfect again this year as plenty of big fish have shown up in the area, not to mention all of the smaller limit-fillers.  Close to 50 boats have already registered and the limit is 60 boats.  If you want to give it a try get registered now.

I'll be spending the middle of the week with family and then I'll be fishing in Geneva Friday and Saturday for the tournament.  Marc is also headed to Geneva so neither of us will be around computers for most of this week.  Get out and enjoy the holiday on the lake and then send us reports when you get back.  After I get back from the tournament I'll post all of the reports that have come in and I'll let you know how the Geneva fishing went.  In the mean time I apologize for a week without any more updates.  Thanks for understanding.

Right now the Vermilion weather buoy has 13 knot E wind, 2 feet waves, falling barometric pressure and a temperature of 71 degrees on the surface.



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