This page isn’t to replace the rules page, or other information posted on our website, but to answer the most frequently asked questions.

If you are going to fish a LEWT event, you owe it to yourself to read the rules of our circuit. If you break a tournament rule, even on accident because you didn’t know, your team will be disqualified and receive no cash payout, or points toward the team of the year title for that event.  It is the responsibility of all competitors to be aware of our rules. Rules are posted on the website.

Q:  Are the tournaments one day, or two days? The first three are one day tournaments.  The final “championship” event at Huron is two days.  We schedule in a “blow day” for each tournament in case we can’t go due to inclement weather/winds.

Q: What is the payout? 85% of entry fees to top 9 finishers in 45 boat or more field.  In 2017 winning teams took home over $3300 for a full field of 60 teams..

Q: What is Early Bird registration? Early Bird teams are guaranteed an entry for all four events. They also enjoy the same boat number throughout the season, and get a heavy canvas bag to use all year for weigh-ins. (bag is returned at end of season)  The top finishing EB team at each event is eligible to win the Medina Plating Early Bird cash prize of $150.

Q: When do Early Bird signups begin? January 17 at 10am sharp.  We are limited to 60 teams, last year we had 44 EB teams. If we sell 60 EB entries the season will be sold out and there will be no single event entries available.  If we do have some single event entries, they will become available February 3, 10AM.

Q: Why only 60, why not 100 teams or more? We are a small group of people who donate four weekends a summer to run these events, we really can’t handle more teams without more helpers and going to two flights per tournament.

Q: Can I pay by check for any tournament entry fee, or LKC? NO!  No checks. All entry fees are via PayPal. Note: You don’t actually have to have a PayPal account, just a credit card.

Q: What is your refund policy? Refunds will not be given if a tournament takes place on a scheduled “blow day”. If the entire tournament weekend has to be rescheduled due to weather, a team that is unable to fish on the make-up date may request a refund. For events not rescheduled for weather, there will be no refunds for non-early bird teams. At the discretion of the TD, early bird teams may be eligible for one refund per year if a life threatening emergency situation or death in the family arises, and causes both members of the early bird team to miss a tournament. If other events are missed there will be no additional refunds given to early bird teams. All refunds will have a $20 writing fee withheld.

Q: What is LKC? LEWT Knockout Challenge.  It is a bracketed, head to head challenge held in conjunction with the LEWT circuit tournaments.  It pays back 100% of the $6400 in entry fees collected. It is limited to the first 32 Early Bird teams to purchase their LKC entry.  (You MUST be an EB team to qualify as the LKC is contested across all four events)

Q: What about membership, can I pay that by check? No checks please.  Use our easy online membership form to get, or renew your annual membership via PayPal.

Q: Who needs a membership? All participants (except minors) in a LEWT tournament must be club members.  It is only $20 per year, which is a low price compared to other circuits.  We also pay out 85% of entry fees, we are not aware of any other large circuit that can match that.

Q: What paperwork do I need to get in? We MUST have the online tournament registration form completed by both anglers.  We ask that you do this well ahead of time!  Why not do it right away and get it out of the way? The procrastinators make the entire process much more difficult for us than it needs to be.  BOTH anglers must complete the online tournament registration form.

Q: Where is the tournament registration form?  Look under “LEWT Entries” tab.  This form won’t be active until Early Bird registration is underway.

Q: Where do I get current club information? The main web page is kept current, we also have an active Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/wbsalewt/

Q: My partner had an emergency, I need to use a sub.  Is this allowed? YES, you may use a sub.  However, your sub cannot be an original member of another team, and one of the two original team members must be present to get points toward Team of the Year.  Please do not wait until the night before the tournament to let us know.  Email Dawn at dawn@wbsa.us

Q: What do I need to do to use the sub?  Your sub needs to go on our web page, fill out the online membership form, and purchase their membership via PayPal.  Then the sub needs to complete the online tournament registration form that is also on our website. Complete these tasks before the morning of the tournament.

Q: What is your mailing address:


c/o Dawn McCune
4910 Lisbon Circle
Sandusky, OH  44870

Q: How do I contact secretary treasurer Dawn McCune? Email at dawn@wbsa.us No, you can’t have her phone number 🙂

Q: How do I contact Tournament Director Jeff Lash? Email at jlash3@gmail.com Now if you have read everything on the website and there is something urgent for which emailing won’t do, the number is 330-353-2653.  If you call and ask something that is already posted here, I reserve the right be grouchy. I do get emails on my phone and will usually reply in a prompt manner.