President: Ken Lester

Secretary/Treasurer: Dawn McCune

Board of Directors: Matt Davis, Jeff Lash

Tournament Director: Jeff Lash
Equity memberships are locked.

Equity renewals begin on Jan 1st of each year and must be paid by April 1st to remain active.

2017 Equity Members
David Davidson
Matt Davis MattD 419-834-3619
Kim Endsley Too Short/Lundy 617-306-5941
Tony Gonzales Sickfish187 419-656-7898
David Hartman Inside Board 419-306-0544
Marc Hudson ezmarc 419-680-4459
Wayne Jesionowski MoJo 1 330-421-5363
Tim Joseph Toolman 740-403-9667
Bob Kiamy BobK 740-974-3755
Jeff Lash JBL / JLash 330-353-2653
Tony Muscioni Shark 419-366-8472 rides/charter
Ronnie Rhodes 440-714-2813
 Shawn Ritchie  Elkhunter  330-421-1752
Steven A Smith Bull 440-541-2852
Fred Snyder Sander 419-307-1515
Troy Swanger Reel Pursuit 419-512-7844 Charter
Jim Swick 419-634-8843
John Wagner X Man 419-230-2495
Larry Weiss Weiss Guy 419-707-1065
Chris Williams Spooner 419-271-1037
Gary Zart Blue Dolphin 216-849-4954 Charter

What is this club all about?
The WBSA is a shareholder Limited Liability Company set up as an Association, of which the present equity members are owners and who will each receive 1 equal share in the company.

The Club was set up this way in an effort to minimize legal paperwork and still meet legal needs for liability. Our intention is not to make a profit. Any profits generated from club activities will be put back into the club as capital investment, or will be donated to acceptable causes that have interest in Lake Erie endeavors. Full members are owners of the club who have invested monies to generate capital to form the club as their cost of membership. Equity memberships are not transferable.

How can I become an equity member?
Full (Equity) memberships are not available. Full members were those that paid an extra fee when the club formed, so that Capital would be available to pay attorney fees and structuring costs. A full member that does not renew by April 2 of each year will forfeit his share in the club and ownership will revert to WBSA, LLC and be retired.